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Posted by on Dec 15, 2014 in Business, Home business | 0 comments

Franchises to Consider as a Home-Based Business

Franchises to Consider as a Home-Based Business

Franchises are a way that you can begin a home-based business with some of the stresses removed. For example, some of them provide training, and equipment at discounted rates for people who have invested in them.

If this isn’t the case, then you will need to have additional Capital to invest these things yourself. The costs will depend on the franchise that you choose, and the type of equipment that you will need.

The Most Popular Home-Based Business Are:

  1. Cleaning Services

The service that you provide will depend on the franchise that you chose. It could be domestic or commercial cleaning. Or maybe doing laundry. You may find it stressful having to organize a team of staff. So you do need to have some managerial skills.


If you choose a cleaning service as a home-based business, you need basic business and book-keeping skills. With experience or the willingness to train in filing taxes and paying salaries. Some franchises provide the relevant training as part of their contract with you.

  1. Children’s Services

You need to passionate about children to invest in a franchise in your home-based business that offer these services. There are many benefits which you can experience though. Like the idea of educating children, perhaps helping them to learn to read. Watching them having hours of fun and a soft play area you may have established can also be rewarding.

Should you consider a children’s services franchise as a home-based business, if you have children of your own it can also provide benefits. Not only can your child attend the activity, they make suggestions about which ones you could do. Should you need toys, your child can tell you which are the most popular.

To work in children’s services, you do need to have patience. Alongside working with the children, you will have to handle their parents. As well has employing staff to run the franchise as a home-based business. You will also need to be energetic, and enjoy entertaining children for long hours.

Additional training, and insurances will be needed with running this franchise as a home-based business. Some franchises may include these in the investment about. Others don’t, so this is something that you will have to fund yourself. You can find out which is the case by checking the contract that you signed with them.

  1. Pet Services

Being an animal is a must have quality if you run this type of franchise as a home-based business. It can also be a very demanding position. Another bonus is in the instance that you have some form of professional experience working with animals. Meaning that you will have a wider range of franchise opportunities.

  1. Gardening Services

A love of the outdoors is essential to run this franchise as a home-based business. And administrative can either be done yourself at home, or you could employ the services of a Virtual Assistant.

Grass cutting

With this type of franchise as a home-based business is it’s variety of tasks that may be required. Ranging from pulling weeds, to garden designing. You could be working in the private, or public industry. On either a commercial, or domestic basis. Contracted to your local council, or perhaps commercial business.

You will need additional Capital for this type of franchise as a home-based business. It will be required to purchase a suitable vehicle, and any specialist equipment that you may need. Some franchises do provide tools and equipment for their investors at a discounted price.

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