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Posted by on Dec 22, 2014 in Business, Home business | 0 comments

Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

Marketing is an important factor when setting up a small business. But it doesn’t need to be as expensive as you may think. There are a few methods that you can adopt to get the word out about your new product or services, while still keeping costs down.

Postcards – if potential customers see a small ad on the back of a postcard, they are more likely to take notice of it rather than a full brochure detailing your small business. Choose your most effective small ad, and dispatch them to other companies in the area.

Make it more personal – when you are sending a mail-shot why not add a sticker or handwritten note to the outside of the envelope to catch the reader’s eye. Make is brief though, the customer will only glance at the envelope before opening it, and so you need it to stand out.

Newsletters – this can either be a paper copy, or an email campaign. Forwarding details of your small business services to companies who may benefit from what you can supply. Adding any updates or discounts that you may be offering through the following month.


Buddy marketing – an area of marketing that can not only keep costs down for you, but also another small business. Simply agreeing to send a flyer of theirs along with yours, and having them do the same. It won’t increase your postage expenses, but can be a powerful method to use when you are trying to become established.

Change the way that you answer the phone – should a prospective customer call, why not make it clear as soon as you answer that you have a special deal available. They will be curious, and request more details. Giving you the opportunity to promote a particular item or service, emphasising that it is for a limited time only.

Using follow-up techniques – when a customer purchases something from your small business, send them a thank you note. Showing your appreciation for their custom, and offering a private discount to lure them to buy from you again. It is important that you give the offer an expiration date so it encourages them to return sooner though.

Don’t stick to one method – no marketing technique is guaranteed to provide positive results. So it is necessary to adopt more than one method. Rotating your efforts over time to continue getting your small business noticed by members of the public.


Whichever marketing method you choose for your small business, keep in mind the target audience that you are trying to attract. Aiming toward not only other local business, but also schools, colleges or universities. The more exposure you receive, the higher the chance of generating more custom.

There is no business that could survive without marketing. Competitors trying to use the latest techniques so that their company receives more attention than others. However, you can find that the simplest of approach creates the most desired effect. Helping to expand your client base so that your small business can thrive.

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