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Posted by on Dec 15, 2014 in Business, Home business | 0 comments

Tips for Setting Up Your Own Home Business

Tips for Setting Up Your Own Home Business

Many people are choosing to set up in business to be able to work from home. The idea of being their own boss attracting more and more entrepreneurs each year. No longer having to commute to an office each day. Depending on the type of business you want to establish, will reflect on what is required to set it up correctly.

Licences or permits – some businesses need you to have a specific licence or permit before you are able to trade. So you need to investigate what the local authorities in your area require of you.

Insurance – you may be able to extend your current home insurance to cover your home business. However, you need to ensure that everything is in place should any future issues arise. Some business also needs a certain additional cover to be organized. For example liability insurance if you are providing a professional service.


Legalities – a lot of home businesses are set up by a sole trader. Meaning that they are the only people responsible if it should sadly fold. There are some other instances that you need to consider however. Such as establishing as a Limited Liability Company, or a Sub- organization. Also, if you set up in business with someone else, you need to get things drawn up by an attorney so that both of your interests are protected.

Organizing your book-keeping – this is an important aspect to owning a home business. You need to keep your business expenses separate to personal ones. One of the easiest ways to do this is to open a separate checking account, and possibly a credit card. By having a solid book-keeping system in place, it will be easier when it comes to IRS inspections.

Security – depending on your type of home business you may find it more secure to use a post office box as your mailing address. Security may also be an issue if you have a lot of products kept around the home.

Create an office area – you need a specific area within the home that you will use as your office space. It should be quiet, with as few distractions as possible. This is especially important if you deal with customers or clients at home. By setting apart an area to use for your home business, you can also keep all the office equipment close at hand.


Decide on your hours – even though you are working from a home business, you still have tasks that will have to be completed during certain hours. You also need to make it clear to family and friends that you don’t want to be disturbed throughout that time.

Consider your advertising – before you begin trading, you need to think about how you are going to advertise your home-business. Designing flyers, brochures and business cards so that you hand them out to potential customers.

Make a strong commitment – establishing a home business may not prove easy at first. Trying to find a client base, advertising to increase sales of your products or services. None of these things will be achieved without your commitment to the business, striving to make it a success.

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