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Posted by on Dec 16, 2014 in Home business | 0 comments

Utilizing the Benefits of Running a Home-Based Business

Utilizing the Benefits of Running a Home-Based Business

With so many benefits of running a home-based business, many people are finding it a preferred option.

Less commuting – it has been found that employees spend approximately 50 minutes a day commuting backwards and forward to the office. By having a home based business, you can use that time more productively to promote your new company. Also taking away the additional stresses of being stuck in large traffic jams while you try to get to the office on time.


Able to re-size business quickly – when you are tied into the clauses of a long-term lease it can be awkward if you find your business needs have changed. You may wish to increase staffing levels, or perhaps downsize. This is more easily achieved if you are working from a home-based business.

You can save on your taxes – if you are running a home-based business, you can claim back on some of your home expense costs. This could be mortgage interest, or charges for any maintenance or repair works that need to be carried out. You can also see a reduction in your property taxes, and claim a proportion on your utility bills back as business use.

Home office expenses can also be carried forward to the next taxable year. Meaning that you save both personally, and for the business if your income doesn’t cover the tax charges that you are liable for.

Working flexible hours – depending on the type of home-based business that you choose to set up can mean a change to the hours that you work. You can find yourself now able to work around school times for your children. Or perhaps potential customers that are in a different time zone. With the opportunity to lessen or increase working hours according to your individual business requirements. All such things can be achieved when working from home.

Lower overhead costs – setting up any kind of business can prove costly. Many small businesses find them failing within the first couple of years of trading. However, if you set up a home-based business, some of these costs will not be needed. There will be no rent to pay for business premises, having to purchase additional office equipment. Commuting costs will also disappear, saving you money on fuel and vehicle repairs caused by wear and tear.


Having lower overhead costs can also mean that you can be more flexible with the prices that you charge for your product or services. Giving you the chance to compete more closely with your competitors.

Testing business ideas before investing – while working from the comfort of your own home, you are able to do your research before investing large sums of money. Then, if your business idea isn’t viable in the current market, you will know before you have made any kind of financial commitment.

Utilizing the benefits of running a home-based business can mean the difference between the success or failure of your company.

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